il gruppo

In the front row, from left to right: Loredana, Marco, Luciana, Eugenio, Cristina and Gabriele. In the second row (on a small bench when necessary): Greta, Gustavo, Alice, Gidon, Annamaria, Chiara, Gianni e Sara.

The Ecotoxicology and Microbiology group was born to evaluate causes and effects of the increasing environmental contamination from antibiotics on different, but complementary, fronts. This type of contamination poses a wide range of issues, ranging from strictly environmental issues to clinical problems. The various activities that we carried out independently in the past, are now integrated and this integration has also led to other research activities, no longer closely related to antibiotics. In the years, several people accompanied us (and someone still does) in our scientific and personal journeys, some of them are here in the picture!