M.C. ThallerMaria Cristina Thaller

I’m a retired full professor of Microbiology, formerly in the Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Tor Vergata University of Rome.

There I worked as assistant professor and associate professor. I moved from "La Sapienza" to "Tor Vergata" in 1995, becoming full professor and now I am setting up a laboratory that I finally get few years ago, thanks to the commitment of our "Director".

In the time laps between "La Sapienza" and the gaining of a laboratory in Tor Vergata, I have been "adopted" by a nice, generous and brilliant ecologist (Luciana) who has an enthusiastic curiosity for the microorganisms, and who shared with me her room. Our interaction, personal and professional, opened my mind and my interests, and between our laboratories there is a constant exchange of motivated and enthusiastic students, a great team able to deal with many different issues.

I’ve been involved in the educational themes, concerning the school-University relationships, both by teaching in the Master entitled “Profession: trainer in sciences education” and being the president of the Course Council for “TFA”, a post-graduate School aimed to the qualification as teacher for Natural Science, Geography and Microbiology in the high school. I am Catholic, I love books and music (occasionally I play guitar, but only when absolutely alone) and I enjoy cooking (just something creative, I hate routine..). I let out my creativity also drawing "cartoons" that I use during my lessons and, whenever I can, in "DIY".

 Once retired, my personal life, previously characterized by an intense commuting between Rome and Abruzzo, now takes place mainly in Abruzzo, where I live with my husband and enjoy frequent visits from my ‘children’.